We drank a lot of coffee!

polaroid_howBeing a broke college student working two waitressing jobs, pulling all nighters to study, and wanting a social life I drank a lot of coffee. My boyfriend and I (now my husband) brewed coffee at home, drank coffee at work and ran out for coffee 24-7. Our complaints were always the same…bad service and worse coffee.

Nobody made iced coffee year ’round and hardly anybody made flavored iced coffee. There was one company that did an okay job at iced coffee but we just didn’t love their coffee. Coffee is like wine or cheese, once you acquire a taste for it, your palette wants and needs better. When I started drinking coffee I think I put 5 sweet and lows with extra cream (yikes!). Now I drink hot coffee black with a bit of sugar but honestly I can’t bear to drink the big companies’ coffee. We are officially coffee snobs.

Back to the complaints…anybody who knew me while waitressing listened to me complain every day about bad coffee and worse service and how someday I was going to open up my own place with the best coffee and unbelievable service. My boyfriend got sick of listening to me and basically said stop talking about it and do it…so we did.

We had no money or business experience, just a waitress and a cook who loved to drink coffee and cared about customer service. We found a place, got into tremendous credit card debt, took out personal loans and opened our doors March 3rd, 1996.

Not a lot has changed since then…well except we have opened four more locations, got married, had four children, and a few other life changing events but our concept is still the same… the best coffee we can find and phenomenal customer service.

It is a confusing coffee world out there right now with all the fast food restaurants and convenience stores competing for the coffee drinker’s business. We aren’t interested in mass produced, giant batch roasted fast food quality coffee. We only do business with certified Specialty Coffee roasters who micro-roast. Because we are a tiny company and family owned there is no comparison to the giant corporate coffee companies out there. This is advantageous to us because of all the coffee grown in this world there is only a small percentage that qualifies as ‘specialty coffee”, it has to meet a whole lot of criteria to be graded as such. Because we are small we can serve the higher grade, superior quality specialty coffee where the mega-chain coffee joints can’t…there just isn’t enough available to supply them. They have to purchase lower grades at lower prices and over-roast in order to compensate for defects. We could obviously give in to the pressure to lower prices by purchasing a lesser grade of coffee and cheaper cups (like styrofoam) but we believe that consumers want and deserve better than that.

By supporting a locally owned business like Coffee Break Cafe you are helping the economy and your community.

Jenn & Donny