We often get asked, “What makes Coffee Break different from other coffee shops?”

DSC_0922_400x400Coffee Break Café is about superior coffee and service. Each drink is made to order to the customer’s personal liking. We believe in good old fashioned drinks, we stir the sugar in our hot coffees; we melt the sugar in our iced coffees and mix them “bartender style” with a mixing cup. We use three different types of the highest quality chocolate in our frozen cocoa and heat the milk by hand when we make hot cocoa. We use real ingredients and the drinks are all hand made.

Coffee Break Cafe believes in eye contact and real smiles. We still believe that the customer is almost always right. We know that without the customer, none of us have a job. CBC believes in waiting on one customer at a time from start to finish. At Coffee Break, having the same person taking your order and handing it to you ensures that your order is right.

Coffee Break Cafe believes in eye contact and real smiles.

We buy our beans exclusively from four different certified Specialty Coffee roasters, micro-roasted in small batches several times per week, shipped to us immediately to ensure only the freshest quality and a variety that is truly unique. We always offer fair trade and organic choices.

Coffee Break does business with local bakeries that bake 7 days per week; therefore our food is delivered fresh every day. Our dairy is from a local farm that is hormone free. We reduce, re-use and recycle and we do business with companies who share similar values as us. We won’t use Styrofoam, although desirable from a business perspective because it is so cheap to buy, the negative impact it has on the environment makes it unacceptable for Coffee Break.

We support local artists and musicians by having live music and hanging local artist’s work on our walls. We offer free story time for the children and have free community meetings at our café’s. We have lots of free games and books for anybody to get cozy with anytime, we also offer free Wi-Fi.

We are two people who love coffee. We love the environment and doing the right thing. We love kids, we love each other. We love giving back to the community and making a difference.

Thank you for allowing us to do what we love.